Police Briefs


Below is the list of recent highlights and matters concerning the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department:

A member of the police dept. will be attending all three township meetings this week to make a presentation of holiday safety tips and also telephone scams with an emphasis on “Granny Scams”. On Monday evening we will attend the Westtown meeting and on Tuesday evening we will appear at the Thornbury Twp. meeting and then head to the East Goshen Twp. meeting immediately after the Thornbury meeting.

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Seizure in Westtown:

On December 15, 2012 at 9:38 PM a member of the Patrol Division was on routine patrol in Jefferson at Westtown Apartments on Skiles Blvd. in Westtown Township and observed a suspicious, occupied vehicle. Upon approach to this vehicle the Officer determined that the three occupants were smoking marihuana. As of result of the investigation, a 20 year old West Goshen male, 18 year old Coatesville male and 20 year old Westtown male will be charged with drug law violations.

Credit Card Fraud Investigation in Hershey’s Mill-East Goshen Township

On December 14, 2012 at 12:11 PM a 71 year old female victim from Hershey’s Mill reported credit card fraud to police. Unknown person(s) used credit card data to make a purchase using PayPal for $288.23. This case is being investigated by Detectives.

Burglary Investigations result in arrest in East Goshen Township

Between December 3, 2012 and December 15, 2012 the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department investigated four residential burglaries on West Chester Pike and East Strasburg Road in East Goshen Township. Detectives conducted a detailed investigation and determined that all four burglaries appeared to be linked together and a suspect was developed. Detectives installed surveillance camera equipment at one location which captured another burglary and the offender taking jewelry. During each burglary either cash or jewelry was stolen. On December 16, 2012 Detectives arrested, 30 year old, Kyle Smith of West Chester in connection with these four burglaries. The offender will be arraigned this evening at District Court in Avondale.

Police Department Partnership with Schools

In response to the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department will be working with our school administrators to determine if there is anything we can improve/modify to make our schools safer. Officers make stops in the schools to complete park and walks. We will continue to monitor reports from law enforcement on lessons learned from this horrific shooting.

On 12/10/12 at 8:39 AM Police responded to the 1500 blk of E. Strasburg Rd. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of a theft . In speaking with the police the victim stated, sometime between 12/01/12 and and 12/08/12 some unknown individual removed a total of $3,500.00 form their residence, namely from the bedroom. The victim advised the police that it is not uncommon for him to leave his house unlocked for family and friends to enter through out the day. The victim believes that and employee/friend may be responsible for the theft of the money. This matter is under investigation.

On 12/10/12 at 8:17 AM Police responded to the 1000 blk of Niels La. in Westtown Twp. for the report of a theft of holiday decorations. The victim reported to police that she noticed that the wind chimes and the blinking mice that she put on top of her mailbox were missing. The victim only wanted to make this a matter of record since the ornaments had no real value.

On 12/09/12 at 9:28 AM Police reponded to the 1300 blk of West Chester Pk. at the Rose Hill apts. for the report of Criminal Mischief to an Apt. door. On arrival Police were advised by the victim that some unknown individuals squirted mustard all over the entry door and placed a small pile of rock salt by the front door. The victim believes that this was done in retaliation as she has some problems with her neighbors.

On 12/09/12 at 3:36 AM Police responded to the 1200 blk of Wilmington Pk. initially for an unknown nature. After speaking with the reporting party who called 911, police concluded the following: Earlier in the evening the reporting party and 3 friends went to a concert in Reading where they had consumed alcohol. After a short period of time, a friend of the reporting party, asked for keys to the Ford SUV in which they were travelling, so that he could retireve some belongings. Some time had passed, when the reporting party went to check on her friend, she found that he had taken the Ford SUV without permission, as well as a wallet and 2 cell phones. In addition, he cut the tires to a Hyundai automobile belonging to the reporting party, prior to crashing the Ford SUV. The suspect (friend) of the reporting party fled the scene prior to police arrival. This matter is under investigation.

On 12/08/12 at 3:09 PM Police responded to the 1600 blk of E. Strasburg Rd. for the report of a theft. In speaking with the victim she stated that when she left for work her boyfriend and two friends were still at her residence. Upon returning from work she notice that the iPad was missing. A short while later she received a call from a game store on West Chester Pk asking if she gave permission for her iPad to be traded in. The employee informed her that her iPad was just traded in and she would need to contact the police. This matter is currently under investigation.

On 12/8/12 at 9:30 AM Police responded to the Subway store at 1379 Boot Rd. for the report of a burglary that occurred overnight. Employees arrived to find both doors were secure and cash missing from the cash drawer and the safe missing. Upon investigation there was no evidence to suggest a forced entry. As police reviewed video surveillance, two male subjects were observed entering the store from the rear at 2:55a hrs. The subjects removed money from the rear office and left the store. At 3:48 a the same two subjects re-enter the store and walk to the food counter and remove the cash drawer and leave the store through the rear again. At 5:11 a the same two subjects enter the store a third time and proceed to slide a large safe from under the counter and leave the store with the safe. Total amount taken was approx.. $3,100 dollars.

On 12/07/12 at 12:38 PM Police responded to the 900 blk of Thorne Dr. in East Goshen Twp. to recover stolen items that were reported in an earlier theft that we had informed everyone about. Police recovered the stolen hair dressing equipment and returned it to the victim.

On 12/07/12 at 12:30 AM Police responded to the 200 blk of Stone Fence Rd. in Thornbury Twp. for the report of Criminal Mischief to an automobile. The victim in this matter reported, sometime between Sun 12/2/12 and Tues 12/4/12 an unknown actor keyed his 2005 BMW automobile while it was parked in his developement.

On 12/07/12 @10:15 AM Police took a report of Criminal Mischief to a vehicle that occurred in the parking lot of the Stetson Middle School. The victim in this matter reported two separate incidents, one on 11/23 and another on 11/30 where her vehicle was "keyed".

On 12/6/12 @ 11:14 PM Police responded to the 900 blk of Thorne Dr.in East Gosehn Twp. for the theft from an unlocked vehicle. The victim reported that a large bag containing hair dressing supplies were stolen. The value of the merchandise taken was approx. $1,300.00

On 12/6/12 @ 11:14 PM Police responded to the 900 blk of Monte Vista Dr. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of a Heroin overdose. The owner of the house reported to police upon arrival, that his son had intentionally overdosed on heroin in the bathroom. When police entered the house to render medical care, 31 yr old Bryan Reitz jumped out of the second floor window and fled on foot. Police surrounded the area with the assistance of neighboring police from Willistown, West Chester. West Goshen, East Whiteland, and PA State police. After approx. 15 minutes later police located Bryan, unresponsive, in the bathroom of the East Goshen Park. He was taken to the hospital by the ambulance for treatment. Officers found 8 used bags of Heroin and a syringe and 14 unused bags of heroin on the bathroom floor next to Bryan. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT PRIOR TO THIS INCIDENT BRYAN WAS THE SUBJECT OF A POLICE MANHUNT FOR CRIMINAL ATTEMPT HOMICIDE OUT OF WEST CHESTER BORO. Bryan regained consciousness at the hospital and caused a disturbance, police had to respond to the E.R. to resolve the problem. In addition to the Charges for Criminal Attempt Homicide Bryan will face drug charges.

On 12/5/12 @ 9:12 PM Police responded to the Heather Glen Apts. in Westtown Twp. for the report of a domestic Assault. Upon arrival Police interviewed a 30 yr old male victim and learned that his 25 yr old girlfriend had burned him with a curling iron. Police Arrested 25 yr old Jessica Taylor of Landowne, Pa. for domestic assault. The victim was treated at an area hospital and Jessica was held for arraignment before Judge Kraut.

Earlier in the week of December 2, Police responded to a shooting on General Howe Dr.in Westtown Twp. this shooting was domestic related and is still under investigation. The victim in this matter remains in stable condition at a hospital in Philadelphia. As soon as I have more information for you I will get it out to you.

On 12/3/12 at 9:38a police responded to the 700 blk of Valley Dr. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of Criminal Mischief to a vehicle. In speaking with responding officers, the victim stated that she heard a clicking noise while driving her vehicle. When she took it to a mechanic, they discovered 5 screws in three of her tires. The victim stated that she had a recent dispute with one of her neighbors and believes he is responsible, however she did not want the police to follow up and just wanted to make it a matter of record.

On 12/02/12 at 4:51a police responded to West Chetser Pike and Reservoir Rd. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of a vehicle parked in the roadway and in a hazardous position because of the foggy conditions. Upon investigation by police they observed that the tire on his vehicle was worn down to the rim. After contacting the driver Stephen Addae of Coatesville, Pa, officers found him to be intoxicated. A series of Field sobriety test were given to Stephen all of which he failed. Stephen was arrested for DUI and was released pending a notice to appear in court.

On 12/01/12 at 4:03p Police responded to the 1100 blk of Wilmington Pike for the report of a stolen Antique Chair valued at approx. $550.00. The victim advised police that a white van with N.J registration plates pulled up in front of his building and loaded the chair, which was out front of his business for sale, into the van and fled south on Wilmington Pike. This matter is under investigation.

On 12/01/12 at 3:43p police responded to the 1300 blk of Troon Lane in the Hershey's Mill village for the report of a theft. Police talked to the victim who claimed that she gave $1,500.00 to a contractor to begin work on a remodeling project in her house. The work was to begin on 11/25/12 and when that didn't occur the victim contacted the contractor on 11/27/12 and asked for her money back. The contractor advised the victim that the check was already cashed and offered to do other projects that would equal the $1,500.00. An agreement was never reached between the victim and the contractor and his phone is now disconnected. This matter is under investigation.

On 12/01/12 at 3:24p Police took a credit card fraud report from a victim who lives in the 500 blk of Buckeye La. in Thornbury Twp. The victim advised police that his credit card had been used without his authorization to make 2 online purchases totaling over $200.00. These purchases were made from Nordstorm and Macy's departments stores and were to be shipped to Rosemead, CA. The victim's bank caught the potential fraud and immediately stopped the transactions.



On 11/29/12 Police obtained a Warrant for the arrest of a 21 yr old Thornbury resident, for a theft that occurred on 9/10/12 iin East Goshen Twp. While being taken into custody, detectives recovered illegal narcotics from the subject. He will be charged drug possession. This same individual is currently being investigated for for passing a stolen check at a jewelry store in Thornbury.

11/29 UPDATE: Westtown-East Goshen (WEGO) Police BriefsDuring the December 2012 Fraternal Order of Police Awards Ceremony that the FOP will recognize Detective Robert Balchunis (WEGO PD CID) and Detective Darren Sedlak (WGPD CID) for the catalytic converter theft investigation that turned into a major investigation that the FBI adopted. This investigation was started by a single traffic stop conducted by Officer Ted Lewis (WEGO PD) who immediately determined that the vehicle and individuals stopped were involved in criminal activity. Officer Lewis contacted Detective Balchunis and together they turned this traffic stop into a major investigation. As a result of this action, six individuals were charged federally for thefts from five states with major financial loss to citizens, businesses and insurance companies. It is believed that the FOP will add Officer Ted Lewis to this recognition as well. This rash of thefts became popular with drug addicts who would sell the stolen converters to scrap yards due to the precious metals inside. The criminals were paid between $100.00 and $300.00 dollars on average depending on what vehicle it was cut from.

On 11/28/12 at 2:12p Police responded to the 300 blk of Devon Way in the Hershey's Mill village community for the report of an attempted scam (Flim-Flam). A elderly resident was the victim of a very common phone scam. An unknown caller contacted the victim to tell her that her grandson was in a detention center in Florida and that  she needed to send money to the Jacksonville public defender's office in order for his release. The caller provided a number and a contact name for the victim to set up a western union transaction. The victim had gone to the western union office and almost completed the transaction, but was able to stop the transaction before it went through, after she realized it was a scam.

Please pass the word onto your family and friends and the elderly about these scams. If they have any questions about the legitimacy of the call have them contact the Police Department.

On 11/27/12 at 2:47p Police responded to Rt. 202 at Morstein Rd. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of of a one vehicle accident, where a vehicle struck the guardrail. When officers arrived the vehicle had left the scene. A short while later an officer traveling s/b on Rt. 202 at Matlack St. located a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle involved in the accident. As the officer investigated and spoke with the driver he confirmed it was the vehicle involved in the accident. Further investigation revealed that that driver was intoxicated and had failed field sobriety testing. The driver, Javier Cruz Axume of Oxford, Pa was arrested for DUI. Javier is also an illegal immigrant and  repeat offender according to Immigration officials. His information was given to Immigration for further enforcement action.

On 11/27/12 at 1:42p Police responded to the 1700 blk of Cricket La. In East Goshen Twp. For the report of a scam (Flim-Flam).  The 77 yr old victim reported to police that she received a phone call from someone posing as a lottery official, and advising the victim that she won $3.5 million dollars in the Mega Millions lottery. The caller advised the victim that she would have to pay a fee between $900.00 and $1200.00 dollars to have the money wired to her depending where it was wired to. Officers were provided a phone number the scammers used and made contact with the scammers, who upon realizing they were talking to the police, quickly disconnected. The victim was advised that this was definitely a scam and to report any further scams to the police.

On 11/27/12  at 9:40a Police received a report of a theft that occurred in the 900 blk of S.Concord Rd. The victim in this case reported to police that she ordered 2 Android Tablets valued at $223.00 dollars each from Amazon.com. The tablets were delivered along with two other packages by the U.S postal service. When the victim only received 2 of 3 packages she contacted postal service and found that the package containing the tablets were delivered and were strapped to the outside of her mailbox. The victim was advised to contact her credit card company to stop payment.

PLEASE DON'T HAVE PACKAGES DELIVERED TO AN ADDRESS WHERE NO ONE IS HOME. This type of theft is becoming more and more common.

On 11/24/12 at 2:37p police responded to the Giant Food store on Boot Rd. in East Goshen Twp. for the report of a theft of a wallet. The 44 yr old victim in this matter reported to police that while in the produce aisle of the food store, an unknown actor took her wallet that was sitting in the top section of her cart. The victim was unable to provide any further information on the actor as she did not know who took her wallet. Police in reviewing the surveillance video were able to get a description of a person of interest and this investigation is still ongoing. The victim's wallet contained several credit cards and a debit card and a PA drivers license. The victim was advised to cancel her bank cards.

On 11/24/12 at 11:06a Police responded to the 600 blk of Marydell Drive. For the report of a white male running around the neighborhood selling drugs out of his backpack. Upon arrival police made contact with the subject James Danjolell 18 yrs. Upon making contact with James, he fled from police to his residence, nearby. Police followed James and made contact again with him and located his back pack which he had discarded inside the house. After obtaining his permission to search the back pack police recovered a quantity of marihuana and drug paraphernalia . James was arrested and charged with drug possession, his court date is pending.

On 11/23/12 at 10:39p Police responded to the rear of the Old Havana Cigar shop in the Shops at Dilworthtown in Thornbury Twp.  For the report from the manager of the Giant Food store about a group of men setting fire to cardboard in a shopping cart and drinking alcohol. On arrival police spoke to those individuals involved while the fire company put out the small fire. There was damage to the shopping cart as a result of the fire. Police will be citing the owner of the Old Havana Cigar shop in this matter.

On 11/22/12 at 2:44a Police responded to the 300 blk of Oakbourne Rd in Westtown Twp. For the report of Criminal Mischief to a vehicle and property. The victim and property owner reported that sometime after 7p, unknown actors flattened 2 of his tires and sprayed foam insulation on his vehicle,which was parked in front of his house. These same actors also covered his mailbox in the same foam insulation damaging that as well, these actions caused the victim to suffer a loss of approx. $800.00.

On 11/21/12 at 4:39p Police responded to the 1600 blk of E.Street Rd. for the report of an unlawful entry/theft report. The victim in this matter and homeowner, reported that sometime between Nov.18,2012 and Nov.21,2012 an unknown actor entered her unlocked garage and removed an 800.00 dollar log splitter without her permission. The victim provided police with a possible lead in this investigation and the detective unit is following up on all leads in this case.

On 11/21/12 at 1:41a Police responded to the area of S.Chester Rd. and Green La. For the report of and accident with an overturned vehicle. As police. Arrived on scene they made contact with the driver,22 yr old Mark Schimpf of West Chester, Pa. Upon further investigation by officers at the scene, they determined that Schimpf had consumed alcohol in excess. Schimpf failed a field test and was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered in the accident and to have blood drawn for testing purposes, as he was arrested for DUI.

On 11/19/12
At today's WEGO Police Commission meeting, the Police Commission approved the following promotions:

  • Cpl. David Leahy to the rank of Sgt.
  • Cpl. William Doyle to the rank of Sgt.
  • Cpl. Leo Kennedy to the rank of Sgt.
  • Patrolman Jon Stafford to the rank of Detective
  • Part time officer Michael O'Brien to the rank of Full Time patrolman.

Others promoted two months ago:

  • Detective Sgt. William Cahill to the rank of Lieutenant
  • Sgt. James DiCave to the rank of Lieutenant
  • Detective Glen Bretz to the rank of Detective Sgt.

We would like to congratulate the above noted officers on their deserving promotions. We wish them well in their new roles.

On 11/18/12 at 10:51a police responded o the 1200 blk of Thornbury Rd. in Thornbury Twp. for the report of a burglary discovered. The owner of a business at this location advised police that his employee arrived for work and observed the lock on the door had been damaged. The employee went on to advise police that he discovered 58.00 in cash missing from the register. This same location was burglarized back in the month of February. Detectives are currently working on both burglaries and hope to make an arrest.

On 11/17/12 at 1:48p police responded to the 1000 blk of East Niels Lane in Westtown Twp.  For the report that someone had stolen two umbrella pine trees from the victim's backyard. The trees were dug up from the rear yard according to the victim. The trees were valued at 250.00. The victim did not wish the police to pursue an investigation but rather make it a matter of record.

On 11/16/12 at 11:37a police responded to the 1000 blk of Dogwood La. for the report of a juvenile that had overdosed. Upon investigating detectives were given permission to search the juvenile's bedroom and recovered illegal narcotics. The confiscated illegal narcotics were sent to the crime lab for analysis. Police as awaiting the results of the analysis before filing charges for possession of narcotics. The juvenile was transported to the hospital for treatment.


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